For a few years ago, I had been enjoy the membership  for the LDS Church, I had been served and lds mission and probably I passed the better time of my life when I found people with open hearts and enthusiastic souls  that were ready to receive the “message”.

Sharing a little bit of me.

Today, let me tell you that every second of my days and every thing that happens to me, I know that is for a worthy propose. For two years I learned to learn and teach, to see to the people with other eyes, the eyes of the Savior. But now,… hmm ¿why now is so hard to be: be kind,be happy, be collaborative..? I feel  that something inside of me was turned off…, sad no??

I was for a little time, a very litttle one, of my mortal time, turned off  of the gospel stuff, please don´t misunderstand me, I just focused my power, ideas, desires, to my job. And as usually when we forgot of the Lord, the things in our life becomes more difficult than ever.

Is amazing  the doors that are opened when we seek the Lord,  not in vain the declaration says: …”if ye keep the commandments, ye shall prosper in the land”. I´m thankful with my Lord for, specially for my wife, She is, as the north-american people say – “the one”. But why my one?? I believe that is “my one” because she makes me feel complete. And for her, the gift of the fatherhood comes to me seven years ago. Been called “daddy”, had no price.

Well, this is my first post in english, my native language… hmm hahaha .. no, just kidding. I hope that any good person that read this post, can correct my grammar and help me with the punctuation.

BLESS YOU.!!!  and enjoy!!!
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Esposo, Padre, Músico, Contrabajista, (en ese orden) amante de lo que pueda elevar mi alma. ..."seas lo que seas, hagas lo que hagas,.. ¡hazlo bien!."

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