Ebook: Music, Language, and Cognition

Tipo de Material:ebook
Autor: Peter Kivy
Music, Language, and Cognition: And Other Essays in the Aesthetics of Music

Acerca de la obra:
Music, Language, and Cognition is the third collection of Peter Kivy’s seminal papers in the philosophy of music. In essays which span his earliest work in the field and his more recent contributions to journals, anthologies, and conference proceedings, Kivy considers the origin of music, the medium of expression in opera, the role of music in film, the nature of an “ideal” performance, and the question of whether absolute music has a meaning, among other issues. Rich with critical analysis and informed by the history of both philosophy and music, this volume will be of interest to anyone who likes not only to listen to music, but to think about it as well.

Edición: Oxford University Press, USA; 1 edition (July 26, 2007)
Paginas: 280 pages


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